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Why opt for a dog-bite attorney?

Dog bites can be very painful and may cause severe damage. Especially in the US, there are numerous cases of dog bites. As per reports, nearly 4 million cases of dog attacks or dog bites are reported every year. And coming to Houston, the number of dog bite cases is more than average. Also, there has been an increase in the number of dog-bite cases reported in Houston and the average settlement costs have also seen a year-on-year increase. As a result, more and more people report these dog-bite cases in order to get their settlement costs maximized. Below are 5 major reasons why one decides to go with a professional dog bite lawyer.

Evaluation of your case

A qualified Dog bites attorney in Houston would be able to evaluate your case properly and give you a better understanding of your chances. There are many lawyers in Houston who provide free consultation for dog-bite cases. So there’s no harm in getting the opinion of an experienced professional who has been dealing with such cases for a long time. You would not be aware of the conditions based on which you would get compensation. Also, a lawyer would be able to build a strong case. So in such cases you should surely go with professional dog-bite lawyers.

The One-Bite Rule

The one-bite rule basically states that, if an owner’s dog bites someone, it will be considered only for the first time. This is because for the first time the owner can claim his innocence by saying that he was not aware of the aggressive nature of the dog. But in case the same dog bites someone again, then the law points fingers towards the owner and it is considered that the incident has happened due to the owner’s negligence. In such cases, the owner is liable for the damages or the losses that might have been caused due to the dog’s bite. This law is quite prevalent in many states in the US. But the point is here is that the dog’s first bite needs to be reported to the law so that in case of any further negligence, the owner could be held liable. This is the major reason why dog bites should be reported to the law and the best person to deal with such cases is no one but an experienced dog bite lawyer.

A better understanding of laws and regulations

Apart from the one-bite rule, there are other laws imposed by the legal body as well. We aren’t aware of those laws. For example, there is another law in some cities like Houston, which stops you from breeding aggressive species of dogs like pit bulls, german shepherds, and wolf hybrids. So these are things only a lawyer would know. This is another major reason why people choose to go with a lawyer who specializes in dealing with dog-bite cases. A lawyer would be able to put all of this knowledge into the case and would be able to build a strong case for his clients.

Dealing with legal proceedings

Any legal proceeding involves a lot of time and effort. Starting from filing a case to the result of the case, does require a lot of effort. Hiring a lawyer ensures that you do not have to travel here and there and deal with all the legal stuff. Once you hire a lawyer, the entire thing is taken care of by your lawyer and thus, the only time you need to give from your busy schedule is when your lawyer communicates with you for information or decisions.

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Maximize your compensation benefit

The most important point comes at the end. Dog bites can be very harmful especially if the dog is not vaccinated properly. In such cases, you would have to pay hefty medical bills in order to get yourself recovered. This is certainly not something that was in your plans and in case your medical condition becomes serious, you would even lose out on your wages. This is obviously not something good and you would want to get all your expenses covered. A skilled dog-bite lawyer would ensure that the best possible case is formed and you get all your expenses covered.

So these were the primary reasons, why one decides to go with dog bite attorneys. Things become a lot simpler when you have a domain expert from whom you can seek professional advice. Keeping consultation aside, a lawyer handles the case throughout its life cycle. So it is quite natural that people hire dog-bite attorneys to take up their cases and get the maximum compensation.

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