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The most Important Tips you shouldn’t Forget as a Corporate Landlord

Corporate Landlord

As most people are investing in a corporate rental property, you should make sure yours stands out. Although people invest in rental properties, they miss important details that will make their property the best. As days go by, companies are reducing their services in their corporate rental properties, leaving their tenants disappointed.

But you can make a difference and ensure your rental property maintains high standards and good customer service, making it one of the best in your location.

What services should a corporate housing landlord offer to their tenants? Stick around as you learn the must-have services that will satisfy your clients.

What Services Should a Corporate Rental Property Offer?

The housing industry is lucrative, but when you don’t give it your best, you will experience low income when other landlords reap heavily from the rental properties. So if you invest in Atlanta corporate rental, you must offer the following services.

Provide the Essentials

Ensure the rental property offers toilet paper, garbage bags, and hand soap since they are very important in every corporate rental. Most tenants don’t carry toilet paper and such.

Ensure the Property is Clean and Neat

When developing this rental, you had people of all standards show up, from the clean freaks to the clumsy. You must ensure the property is clean, the towels are sparkling, and the bathrooms are well attended. There shouldn’t be a trace of a single strand of hair or wrinkled bedding.

The kitchen cabinet handles should be wiped thoroughly from dust or any dust or oil. The mats and everything else in the room should be clean, including the sponge to wash dishes. The shower curtains should be wiped regularly to avoid mold build-up.

Make Sure Nothing is Broken

Don’t expect your tenant to be happy if they find burnt light builds or a damaged hair dryer. After a tenant checks out, check every detail, from broken handles to clogged bathrooms. Do all necessary repairs before renting it out to the next tenant.

Respond to Tenants’ Complains

Whenever your tenants complain or there is an issue, respond quickly. The corporate property should have extra bedsheet pillow covers and towels. Ensure when your tenants request extra bedding, they are available. 

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Include all Important Details on your Listing

When the tenant is booking the property, don’t lie or leave out the must-know details. If the property is next to a road or a building on construction, don’t lie; the place is quiet. Let them know what they are getting themselves into instead of leaving with the impression you’re a liar. Some tenants will understand and stick around since they are prepared.


The impression you leave on your tenants is very important. So ensure you know what to do or not to do regarding your Atlanta corporate rentals. The property must be clean with all essentials, such as toilet paper, dish towels, and garbage bags. Don’t lie to your tenants; attend to their complaints, and your clients will always leave a positive review and tell their friends about your corporate rental property.

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