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Roles and Responsibilities of a PRO in UAE

Roles and Responsibilities

When running a business, the most struggling part for the business owner is to build a reputation of their company while it is easiest to be destroyed. This is where it becomes a PRO responsibility UAE to manage and arrange the needful to the businesses in UAE in order to keep up with their economic stability, have a progressive infrastructure development and duly compliance with the government.

UAE is a land of opportunities for many global businesses but to ensure that your business prospers here, you must consider having a qualified and experienced public relation officer or PRO in UAE to in order to assist you with all kinds of PRO services in UAE.

This post will explain in detail what are PRO services and PRO job responsibilities in UAE.

Here are some important PRO job responsibilities that businesses may consider to benefit from:

  • Representation of Government
  • Lowering the burden for you
  • Document Clearances
  • Trade License Renewals
  • Visa Applications and Renewals
  • Visa Cancellation
  • Issuance of an Establishment Card

Representation of Government

A PRO works as a bridge between your business and government organizations in UAE. In UAE PROs are certified by the government which makes them trustful for any kind of PRO services they might offer you. PROs clearly work as medium of communication between you and the government authorities in UAE. Through extensive knowledge and experience, PROs are very much likely to spot out probable issues and problems that you as the business owner may oversee. Taking an example, it is a PRO responsibility UAE to ensure all legitimacies and other legal requisitions are duly met in advance to avoid heavy penalties that can possibly disturb the entire business functioning of your company.

Lowering the burden for you

A PRO certainly offers a great peace of mind for anyone while living in UAE. Running a business can be surprisingly overwhelming as there is always so much to do in limited time. Suppose your business has similar deadlines for multiple tasks and it becomes merely impossible to everything on your own. Here you can delegate a few tasks on your behalf to a PRO. The best comfort you get through a PRO in UAE is that all the legal matters of your company are taken care of by someone who is professional without investing in an in-house legal team.

Document Clearances

Without getting certain documents cleared by legal authorities, you cannot possibly run your business in peace in UAE. One of the PRO job responsibilities is to get these documents cleared from different authorities. It saves you from all the hassles of arranging appointments with respective ministries and authorities. Some of the common ministries where you need to get required documents cleared from are Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Interior Affairs and Commerce Chambers.

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Trade License Renewals

After completing each term, the trade license of your business must be renewed in UAE to keep your business running here. PROs serve as liaison between the UAE government and your business to help you with trade license renewals. Their responsibility includes submission of all the required documents, obtaining approvals from various government bodies and judicial authorities in minimum time. This helps businesses to keep their focus intact with their business’s economy and avoid being on the defaulter’s list due to any kind of legal non-compliances. Trade license renewals is one of the core PRO job responsibilities.

Visa Applications and Renewals

While you have a business in UAE you would require obtaining visas not just for yourself but for your labor and family members too. Here a PRO works as your front-line person to obtain visa starting from the application form till collecting the visa in hand for you. Whether you need to acquire or renew the visa for your company’s staff, family visa for your family or want to sponsor maid and other janitorial staff, a PRO will take care for all kinds of visa solutions for you.

Visa Cancellation

It is common for businesses to get the visas of the employees who no longer work for them or have completed the tenure of contract, cancelled. A PRO helps businesses in processing the application for visa cancellation too. As a business owner you will just have to provide the necessary documents to your PRO and they will get the steps for visa cancellation done through relevant authorities.

Issuance of an Establishment Card

Establishment Card is merely a card made of plastic but has as much value as that of your bank account. Once your company is registered in UAE you must need to apply for an Establishment Card which is issued by the Immigration Authority of the emirate your company is registered in. It is one of very helpful PRO services to help businesses in issuing the Establishment Card.

Looking for a well-known and experienced PRO company in UAE?

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To companies like payroll middle east has carved its name in the list of most trusted PRO companies in Dubai through excellent, fast, effective and top tier PRO services served to numerous clients all over the UAE. they offer fully equipped packages to clients that cover the visa applications, medical fitness tests both for personal and corporate visas, processing labor documents, immigration cards and other government attestation services for you. team of PROs has extensive field experience of more than 10 years in almost all business sectors of the UAE.

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