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Tips to take care of your trophy

Trophies and awards are made of different materials. Over the years, individuals tend to look for ways to maintain their awards best. Most trophies are displayed on a front desk, used as home decor, or engraved on walls. Never be the person who tends to neglect the beauty of an award. Out of your outstanding achievement, invest in maintaining your results.

Many trophies are dedicated as they symbolize a specific purpose. Most people tend to showcase their achievements through their awards won by displaying them in various spots. To maintain their sparkle, you will be required to polish them.

Below are some wise cleaning practices for different trophies or awards required to maintain the looks of a trophy as if it’s to be returned to an awards store.

Gold and Silver Cleaning

The leading cause of discoloration in precious metals is caused by humidity and air contaminants. The advantage is that the underneath remains undamaged. Unfortunately, most trophies are not of pure metals; instead, most are alloys or just silver or gold coated, making them more vulnerable to wear and tear.

For that reason, the following method has been recommended while cleaning or maintaining precious metals trophies.

It is advisable to clean your trophies with water detergent in most cases. Most dust and other stains can easily be removed and applied in hard cleaning. You can include the use of soap with a soft cloth to avoid scratching the trophies’ surface.

How to give your gold or silver trophy spa wash

  • Items required: aluminum foil, hot water, baking soda
  • While dealing with strong stains, you should use baking soda as the cleaning detergent using the following process.
  • In your cleaning bowel, cover the inner parts with aluminum paper. The aluminum foil acts as a conducting pole to allow ionic conductivity while cleaning.
  • In your boiling water and add the required amount of baking soda, make sure the trophy is wholly submerged in the ionic solution.
  • Allow the water to cool while the trophy is in it to allow you to dry it thoroughly using special cleaning cloths.
  • You can also use mint solution to clean your medals too. Toothpaste makes an excellent mint cleaning solution for your gold and silver medals. You can apply the paste to your trophy surface and gently rub it with your fingers. Rinse with fresh water and allow it to dry. You can then use soft linen to dry it off.
  • Other recommended cleaning agents for your precious medal include alcohol, unique jewelry solutions, ammonia, or club sodas.

How to maintain the awards stores look of your bronze and pewter medal

With time bronze and pewter get stains, which need to be removed to preserve that sparkly look. The quickest way is by using linen to polish out the stains or dust. As the gold cleaning process explains, you can include warm freshwater mixed with a detergent solution.

How to Maintain Copper and Steel Medals

Compared to gold and silver, copper and steel tend to stand adverse conditions, making maintaining them easier. However, when it comes to cleaning copper and steel medals, their washing process becomes easier. Since many homesteads have items of copper and steel, many people are aware of the safety procedures to care for them. In addition, most people use water and detergents to remove dust and stains.

How to Care for your Glass and Crystal awards

Maintaining that awards store look for all your glass trophies needs to be taken utmost care. All glassware and crystal trophies tend to be delicate while washing too. Water offers the easiest form to clean light dirt and dust on glassware. Glass cleaning solutions can be effective on stubborn stains. While drying glass trophies, please take note of your drying clothes and make sure they are nonabrasive.

Trophies can come in different materials. It’s upon you to know which way would best maintain its looks. You need to know the best way to prevent and care for them. The best option should be far from daily world activities.

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