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Best Places You Must Visit in Friesland Netherlands

Friesland To Attractions
Friesland To Attractions

Friesland is found within the north of the country and borders the North Sea , home to the windswept West Frisian Islands , Friesland may be a unique place within the Netherlands because it is pleased with its own rich culture and heritage. 

This is evident in its charming towns and villages, where West Frisian is spoken alongside Dutch. Consequently, traveling within the region feels very different from the remainder of the country.

Friesland is understood for its beautiful nature and is home to several shimmering lakes and rugged islands that invite for hiking and sailing. History and culture also are on offer, especially worth seeing are cities like Hindeloopen and Leeuwarden. Discover this often overlooked a part of the country with our list of the simplest places in Friesland. Where to stay in Friesland



Stavoren, the oldest town in Friesland, is found on the banks of the Ijsselmeer and may be a very pleasant place to spend each day or two. While life within the village revolves mainly round the picturesque harbour and waterfront, there’s some beautiful architecture further inland, alongside its numerous canals and waterways.


 Top places to go to within the Netherlands


Due to the sheer volume of water within the region, there are many great outdoor activities to try; many of us sail on the lake or hike through the nearby wetlands. With a really relaxed feel, Stavoren may be a excellent spot if you’re trying to find a quiet, peaceful getaway.

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The small town of Workum is found just inland from the glittering Ijsselmeer and is best known for hosting an incredible museum dedicated to the life and work of artist Jopie Huisman.

Since many of his works depict simple Frisian life – like rural peasant scenes and native landscapes – the museum is well worth a visit if you would like to raised understand and appreciate Friesland’s rich cultural heritage and identity.

In addition to its museum, Workum features a beautiful center where you’ll walk, and additionally to charming cafes and restaurants, there are many great architecture to get .



Located right within the heart of the Frisian Lake District , Sneek is that the perfect place to travel to if you would like to go sailing; a spread of waterways, canals and bridges traverse the middle of the town . it had been founded within the 19th century and houses many beautiful old buildings and historical sights, with its famous and distinctive Waterpoort as a logo of the town  

While the old town features a lot to ascertain and do, no visit to Sneek are often complete without going into the water a minimum of once or twice; many of us go kayaking or sailing on one among the various lakes that characterize the region. Before you begin , it’s worth visiting the Frisian Maritime Museum to realize a deeper understanding of why seafaring is so important for both Sneek and therefore the identity of the region.



Remarkably founded within the 800s, the tiny town of Franeker features a number of interesting historical attractions for you to see out, with the world’s oldest functioning planetarium being its undeniable highlight.

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There is a really relaxed atmosphere to the place. A rehearse the town may be a delightful affair as you pass many beautiful old brick buildings, canals, bridges and parks. the simplest time of the year to go to is in July, when the distinguished PC Franeker tournament takes place. Watching people play the Frisian handball within the centre of the town is an unforgettable experience, where everyone comes bent see the action.



Hindeloopen is found on the picturesque shores of the Ijsselmeer and may be a charming place. Narrow, paved streets and luxurious brick buildings lie next to shimmering canals crossed by a series of centuries-old bridges. 

Since the town was once a member of the Hanseatic League , much wealth and trade flowed through Hindeloopen; this continued only within the 17th and 18th centuries, when the Dutch Malay Archipelago Company stopped here on its thanks to Scandinavia.


As such, there are many beautiful architecture to be found scattered here and there, and brilliant views of the lake, canals and houses. due to the wealth flowing into Hindeloopen, people created their own unique art, costumes, and culture, which remains evident when walking through the town .


Frisian Lakes

The Frisian lakes are a really popular tourist destination among the Locals and count a complete of about twenty-four , with Sneekermeer, Tjeukemeer, and heeger sea are one among the most important , most vital and hottest .

The lakes are located within the middle and southwest of Friesland and attract hordes of boaters every summer. the encompassing area offers many great walks for you to get , also as nice towns and villages for you to remain . Sailing on the lakes may be a liberating experience, and wherever you go you’ll be greeted with breathtakingly beautiful nature.

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Located on the coast of the Wadden Sea, the tiny port town of Harlingen may be a charming place, with a wealth of interesting historical and cultural sights to explore. full of old brick houses and canal – side villas with incredible architecture, Harlingen is extremely picturesque-without mentioning its many canals, gardens and bridges.

For centuries, life has revolved round the busy port, and far of the city’s wealth comes from fishing, shipping and trade. Shipping still plays a crucial role in Harlingen’s identity, and easily sitting near the docks and watching boats come and go may be a nice thanks to spend a while with the brisk breeze .



With a gorgeous city centre filled with canals, townhouses and cobbled streets, the capital of Friesland may be a wonderful place to explore, with many hidden sites. Since there are over 600 national monuments within the city, there’s without stopping of things to see; the foremost impressive sights are Grote von Jacobijnerkerk, Oldehove and Waag – all beautiful buildings. 

In addition, there are many great museums on offer. The Fries Museum is particularly worth a visit if you would like to find out more about the rich history and culture of the region.

One of the simplest ways to explore Leeuwarden is to require a ship ride along one among the various canals and explore the sights and landscapes of the town . With many glorious bars, cafés and restaurants next to the picturesque canals, Leeuwarden certainly features a lot to supply .



With beautiful churches, townhouses and bridges lining the canals, the fortified town of Dokkum may be a excellent spot to spend each day or two. Especially history lovers are going to be pleased about the old fortifications and bulwarks. 

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While the old architecture within the center of Dokkum may be a real treat, there also are some wonderful windmills just outside the town . These offer the right picture of Netherlands as your sails slowly spin across the channels and fields that lie next to you. 

The city has many cozy cafes, bars and restaurants where you’ll enjoy fine meals and wines, also as some irresistible shops and boutiques. Although the place is extremely relaxed for many of the year, Dokkum is totally transformed in September, when a citywide festival to celebrate Frisian culture and cuisine takes place. If you’re lucky enough to go to this month, you’re certain a true treat.


West Frisian Islands

The windswept West Frisian Islands lie between the Wadden Sea and therefore the North Sea and are a part of an archipelago that extends into the west of Denmark. they’re a really popular holiday destination with locals and foreigners alike. While a number of the islands have campsites and hotels for guests, others are completely uninhabited and consist exclusively of untamed and rugged nature reserves.

In fact, the archipelago offers many amazing landscapes that include watten, dunes, wetlands, beaches and more. These protect and preserve the natural habitats of a spread of animals, including several populations of earless seals. 

With charming villages and farms hidden within the fascinating landscape, the West Frisian Islands are great to travel. Cycling is far and away the foremost popular activity, but you’ll also ride on the beach or sail within the surrounding waters.

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