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Why LED Bulbs are the Ideal Choice for Cars

LED Bulbs

The sight of LED lights on motor vehicles such as cars, trucks and motorcycles is becoming an increasingly common one. LED light bulbs offer a number of advantages in comparison to standard halogen lights, being brighter, providing better light quality while using less energy than traditional lights, and also being less likely to break. 

Anyone who is considering fitting LED bulbs to their vehicle and would like some more information, such as how they work and their legality on the road, should keep reading. 

How LED bulbs work

Most motor vehicles still come with halogen lights, which make use of electricity for the purpose of heating a thin piece of Tungsten wire. However the problem with halogen lights is that they are not very efficient and come with quite a short lifespan as well as being fragile and providing light that is considerably less bright than a number of other options. 

This is why LED bulbs are growing in popularity as an alternative choice to standard halogen lights. Unlike those lights, LED bulbs come with a semiconductor structure that is responsible for the production of light with the release of tiny light particles known as photons several thousand times a second. 

In comparison with traditional lights, LED bulbs are considerably brighter and also create a much sharper and purer light in a much more efficient manner. 

The advantages of LED bulbs for cars

Because LED bulbs provide much better quality of light than halogen bulbs they make a superior option for car lights. When cars with halogen and LED lights are placed side by side it is easy to see that the LED light is considerably brighter and whiter than the halogen light, which offers a yellower and dimmer source of light. 

Because of this LED bulbs are better at illuminating the road ahead, resulting in superior visibility in darkness and an increase in safety because potential hazards can be spotted sooner and with greater effectiveness. 

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LED bulbs also make use of less energy than other bulbs, which also grants them longer life spans. Previously a number of drivers have found LED bulbs have a tendency to overheat but because of advances in LED technology the bulbs now have a much greater resistance to burning out and overheating. 

LED bulbs are also resistant to bumps, rattles and harsh vibrations that could damage filaments in standard bulbs and result in their breakage. This means that LED bulbs are a particularly good choice for off-road vehicles. 

The longer lifespan of LED bulbs also means that, although the initial outlay may be more expensive, in the long run they are actually cheaper than conventional bulbs as they will need replacing far less often, saving money, effort and time. 

There are a number of LED bulbs that are up to 85% more efficient than halogen bulbs, which means that they are using far less energy from your car. 

With LED lights also being far better for the environment, there are seemingly endless reasons why LED bulbs are the ideal choice for cars. 

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