What US States Are Business Friendly?

The question of where to start a business in the United States is not a walk on the part. One has to evaluate some factors to arrive at a specific state. Business-friendly states are evaluated in terms of,

  • Availability and access to resources.
  • Cost of establishing and running a business in the state.
  • State’s economic policies.

While starting a business in a country, factors such as tax code and licensing, training and networking programs, and easy codes of hiring labor and employees are some of the crucial factors to consider.


Texas takes the lead on the list of top business-friendly states in the United States. It is a high business-friendly state that offers tax and business incentives to its citizens, provided your LLC meets the minimum standards. The Texas economic and business system welcomes and encourages local and foreign investors to venture into available business opportunities in the State.

Texas Corporation is a business entity in Texas where traders can enjoy free income tax and good incentives. Texas Corporation is an updated form of LLC. On starting an LLC business plan, you will enjoy the following benefits.

  • You will not be charged income tax to ensure that you save much of your money.
  • It separates your business liabilities from your weaknesses and debts.
  • Easy tax filings and other advantages in tax treatment.
  • Simple filing and regulations administration.

Forming an LLC in Texas.

In creating an LLC in Texas, you will have to follow some simple procedures in six steps as follows;

  1. Fix a unique business name and complete a state business search.
  2. You will have to give out an official address for your LLC.
  3. Assign an LLC agent.
  4. Fill out a certification form with the Texas Secretary of State.
  5. Acquire an employer identification number from the Internal Revenue Service.
  6. Design an operating agreement.

The agreement form states how the business should be run, how the business is divided among members, and the decision-making criteria.


Like Texas, Georgia is also ranked high in terms of support for small and medium-sized businesses. The WalletHub ranked states by their level of small business tolerance based on job growth and financial accessibility.

Georgia promotes internal and foreign investors by introducing programs that favor their existence. In September 2014, a free trade area was introduced between the European Union and Georgia to cover trade in goods as well as services and energy products. Its introduction aimed to initiate gradual integration of its economy. This would further put it at an advantage of access to European Union markets for its goods and services as well as trade-related policies and relations.


Florida has the highest growth rate for small and medium-sized businesses. Its business environment is welcoming to business people of any rank. Its stronghold to traders is the access to resources. Meanwhile, it would not be your best in terms of business cost.

Its sizable market and the friendly business climate attract investors from all over the globe. The business environment allows companies and small businesses to grow and expand quickly. Florida is ranked the best in terms of its business tax policies, the favorable cost for starting and operating a business, and the streamlined regulatory environment. The government also ensures that the state’s business climate remains favorable to all companies regardless of size.

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Florida State does not charge personal income tax to traders giving them a better room to expand their business. It also has the largest workforce in the United States, and therefore, you can acquire all the labor to suit your needs. In addition, graduates from the country’s highly developed education system provide skilled labor and talent to elevate your business to greater heights.


Idaho has the highest average growth of small and medium-sized businesses ahead of Florida. It has the best business environment and low costs of establishing and running a business, and this is its stronghold. Meanwhile, its investors have the worst access to business resources in the United States. Idaho’s small business-friendly tax code and licensing are predominant features.

You have the insight into the states with the best business environment and regulations in the United States. Pack your bags, go, and start your dream business.

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