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What is an Instagram feed?

When you access any person or company’s Instagram user, the feed will be the first thing you see. From there you will find a profile picture of that person, their biography, and all the content they have shared in their account.

Having a striking Instagram feed is of interest to anyone who visits the content displayed there. So if you decide to have more followers on your account, it’s important to evaluate the content you share on it.

The importance of having a good feed

Knowing what an Instagram feed is, we can talk about the importance of this, as we need to understand that everyday companies or individuals post quite attractive information on their social networks to attract attention. This means that as users of these platforms, we need to look for changes in the content we share.

Feed types

You can use these types of feeds as a guide to adapt your Instagram account or create your feed, taking some of the patterns that will be shown to you as inspiration. Therefore, Buy Instagram followers  invite you to continue reading so that you can get to know the following:

Color feed

This is the type of feed you need to choose the predominant color in your photos so that all the photos you share have the same color palette. Although apparently, this is easy to do, you should know that you will not be able to post photos, you will need to locate the colors that will be most appropriate from the photos you have already posted and place them in them.

Or if you don’t need to use color-changing editing for your photo, you can use it in your publications if you’re one of the people with a website with a specified logo. Get users to get acquainted with images that share your business or brand.

Rainbow feed

This is the type of feed, the colors vary in your posts. In this feed, no specific color is set, but you choose a color that stands out in each post, and as the feed passes, it is created as a rainbow effect, changing from color to color from the inside. like a chromatic wheel.

Horizontal feed

This is an easy-to-work feed, you need to choose what to put in each horizontal row. You can do this:

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You need to choose two or three main colors that you will use in the photos for each line.

There you will share three images with the same theme in each photo.

Vertical feed

This is one of the easiest feeds that can be created, you need to specify that you will publish in each of the three columns of your source. The color, you need to choose the type of photo you will post, trying to maintain visual harmony in your feed.

One of the advantages of this type of feed is that you will always see it in order. That’s why it’s important to know what an Instagram feed is so you can plan what you want to share on it.

Diagonal feed

If you are one of those people who posts about different categories in your feed, you can use this method to publish your content diagonally. This source is very original and not overwhelming, but the user must systematically plan the content to be published to achieve this effect.

Table feed

This method involves placing different types of images in the form of a chessboard. With this type of feed, you will have more options to make this board, as it allows you to play with more types of photos and colors.

 Contrast feed

This contrast feed is like a chess feed, you have to use two colors, one light, and the other dark, that is not necessarily the same tone and you get to post them alternately. This type of feed can be a great option for brands or companies.

Great feed

The format of this feed consists of cutting several images so that parts can be published. To make this type of feed, you need to pay attention so that both the images together and separately make sense. It’s also important to know that with each post you make, images can be disorganized; so it is recommended that you do this type of feed at the same time.

Here are some types of feeds that you can use on Instagram, but before you start using them, it’s important to know what an Instagram feed is. You can have the full security of what you are doing and the uses you can make of it to improve your account.

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 Tools for organizing your feed

To organize your feed in a way that is appealing to users who visit your profile, we have several tools to make things easier for us. And we will mention the following:

Photoshop or Illustrator is needed to create templates and plan images.

Preview is an app that can connect to your feed, and you need to select where you want to add it to the feed.

Planoly is a similar application to the previous one, but it also allows us to schedule our publications.

To conclude this article, we can say that before we start imagining the feed we want in our mind, it is important to know what we want to transmit through it, to plan and organize the type of feed method we want to apply. at our expense. So it can be applied well in your profile.

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