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How to use Instagram pods effectively to get more engagement and follow up

Instagram marketing is about engaging on the platform. Increasing the number of your Instagram followers, getting more Instagram likes, getting Instagram comments, and creating videos that get you more Instagram views are crucial to boosting business growth on the platform. Instagram pods offer a creative way to get more Instagram native Instagram likes, which can give you more free Instagram followers.

What are Instagram Pods?

The Instagram pod or engagement pod is where a group of Instagram users get together to increase the visibility of each other’s content. Pods can be small groups or groups of up to 20 members. Here, members try to increase engagement in other people’s posts by adding to Instagram Likes, Instagram Comments, or Instagram Followers.

How can you use them effectively?

It seems great to use Instagram pods for mutual benefit, but if you want to see results with it, you need to use it effectively. Here are the things you need to remember.

Select the correct type of pod

There are multiple types of Instagram pods. While Instagram limits the number of people in a group, other platforms such as Facebook, Reddit and Telegram allow more members to be part of the pod. It may seem appropriate when you try to get more Instagram likes and Instagram comments. But that means you have to deal with content posted by others, so be realistic before you join such a pod.

There are pods, comment pods, and pods you need to interact with the last 5 posts or 10 posts before posting your link. Plus, there are even pods that need to interact with each post in the last 24 hours before you can post your link. You should choose a pod in your niche area so that you are not forced to interact with content that is not related to your brand. Doing so also increases the likelihood of your brand connecting with real Instagram followers UK.

Respect pod drop times

Drop time is a specific time when users can post links to encourage others to like or comment. Follow these specific times to get the most engagement.

Join multiple pods

By joining multiple pods in your niche area, you increase the scope of your content and get more engagement in your posts. Note though. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo.

Do not get the pan

Instagram pods are for you to get more Instagram Likes, Instagram Views, and Instagram Comments. Use it for this and do not try to network through pods. Set aside comforts.

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Join pods with members of the same area at the same time

Since drop time is very important when using Instagram pods, make sure you join the pods with members in the same time zone. Otherwise, you can not continue.

Atta is not allowed

You can not join a pod with the intention of increasing engagement for your brand, but do not react with others when they try to do so. This will only end if you are prevented from using the pod.

Make it credible

You also need to remember to keep it realistic. Assume that there is a big difference between engagement in your other posts and posts that use your pod. The algorithm will indicate that this is off and will reduce the credibility of your brand.


Using Instagram pods should not be your main Instagram marketing strategy, they can help increase engagement in your posts if done right. This allows you to display your content in front of a larger audience through the Explore tab. The main thing is to be smart about it, our pointers will definitely help you.

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